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Jupiter V5 50mm

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Jupiter V5 50mm

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Features: 6 digits backlit display. 1/100th second lap operation chronograph. 12 or 24 hours operation. Shows: hour, minute, month, date, weekday. 5-minute snooze alarm and hourly chime. Stopwatch mode.

Water Resistance

100M Water Resistant (10 ATM). Suitable for showering, swimming, and snorkeling.

Please do not press the buttons on the watch when having the watch wet (ex. during washing your hands) as this might cause the water to permeate the seals. The watch should be also kept away from hot steam or vapour.

Meters <ly-as-11609489>Sink</ly-as-11609489> <ly-as-11609490>Shower</ly-as-11609490> <ly-as-12459947>Bath</ly-as-12459947> <ly-as-11609492>Swimming Pool</ly-as-11609492> <ly-as-11609493>Mask</ly-as-11609493> <ly-as-11609494>Diving Kit</ly-as-11609494>
50M <ly-as-11609495>Tick</ly-as-11609495> <ly-as-11609496>Close></ly-as-11609496> <ly-as-11609497>Close</ly-as-11609497> <ly-as-11609497>Close</ly-as-11609497> <ly-as-11609497>Close</ly-as-11609497> <ly-as-11609497>Close</ly-as-11609497>
100M <ly-as-11609495>Tick</ly-as-11609495> <ly-as-11609495>Tick</ly-as-11609495> <ly-as-11609495>Tick</ly-as-11609495> <ly-as-11609495>Tick</ly-as-11609495> <ly-as-11609495>Tick</ly-as-11609495> <ly-as-11609497>Close</ly-as-11609497>
200M <ly-as-11609495>Tick</ly-as-11609495> <ly-as-11609495>Tick</ly-as-11609495> <ly-as-11609495>Tick</ly-as-11609495> <ly-as-11609495>Tick</ly-as-11609495> <ly-as-11609495>Tick</ly-as-11609495> <ly-as-11609495>Tick</ly-as-11609495>

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Common Questions

What is the difference between V5 and V4?

Our new V5 timepieces are powered by Swiss movement, have a flawless solid stainless steel bezel, left side crown for more comfort, an no scond hand for cleaner design.
Both V5 and V4 timepieces are fitted with scratch-resistant Sapphire Glass – one of the strongest materials on Earth.

What is the battery life of V5 watches?

The V5 runs on two batteries. The standard battery life for the analog movement is 40 months, while the battery life for the digital display is 24 months.

Can I shower with the watch?

Yes, you may shower with the V5.
For best maintenance - make sure you don’t press the buttons while the watch is wet and keep away from hot water, steam and vapor.


If you find a problem or fault in the watch within 30 days of receiving it - return it, and you’ll get a full refund (including shipping costs if we are at fault).
Any questions? Leave a message at - we will get back to you within 24H!

Read More about Returns and Warranty in our FAQ section.

2 years warranty 2 years warranty
Free shipping Free shipping
Free returns
24x7 customer support 24x7 customer support
<ly-as-11609499>Wrist on fire</ly-as-11609499>
Ullamcorper #1 JUPITER

The refined white on white design of the Jupiter offers versatility without sacrificing style.

<ly-as-11609499>Wrist on fire</ly-as-11609499>
Ullamcorper #1 STRONGER

A full stainless steel bezel, combined with the highest quality silicon band, sets the ultimate standard for toughness – the V5 can take punishment from gym and hardcore daily use. We made it more durable than ever.

<ly-as-11609499>Wrist on fire</ly-as-11609499>
Ullamcorper #1 BOLDER

We crafted a timepiece which allows you to master your time with uncompromised determination and style.

<ly-as-11609499>Wrist on fire</ly-as-11609499>
Ullamcorper #1 BETTER

We created a powerful upgrade to our Original series. We built it to go further, be stronger, bolder. Push forward with the best.

The V5 - Modified FirePower

<ly-as-11609488>The V5 -</ly-as-11609488> Jupiter V5 50mm
<ly-as-11609488>The V5 -</ly-as-11609488> Jupiter V5 50mm
<ly-as-11609488>The V5 -</ly-as-11609488> Jupiter V5 50mm
<ly-as-11609488>The V5 -</ly-as-11609488> Jupiter V5 50mm
<ly-as-11609488>The V5 -</ly-as-11609488> Jupiter V5 50mm

The Jupiter V5 50mm

<ly-as-11609502>Hived Dial</ly-as-11609502>


<ly-as-11609503>24 month warranty</ly-as-11609503>

Worldwide Warranty

<ly-as-11609504>Swiss ETA Movement</ly-as-11609504>

Swiss ETA

<ly-as-11609505>100M Water Resistant</ly-as-11609505>

100M Water

<ly-as-11609506>Sapphire crystal glass</ly-as-11609506>

crystal glass

<ly-as-11609507>Left crown</ly-as-11609507>


<ly-as-12459945>Heavy Duty</ly-as-12459945> 50mm <ly-as-12459946>Stainless Steel Case</ly-as-12459946>

Heavy Duty 50mm Stainless Steel Case

Stronger, Bolder, Better.
The V5 is our Biggest upgrade yet

<ly-as-11609418>Materials</ly-as-11609418> Materials


Our custom cut lugs feature identical signature engravings, highlighting the boldness of design with distinctive elegance. A flawless solid stainless steel bezel is accented with exquisite craftsmanship. Heavy duty PVD plating and high quality silicon band complete the beautiful design of this timepiece.

<ly-as-11609500>Stainless steel</ly-as-11609500>
<ly-as-11609500>Stainless steel</ly-as-11609500>

Left crown for your comfort

Our watches offer improved wrist comfort and maneuverability to make sure you can safely wear them for any outdoor activity, as extreme and demanding as it might be. Same strong watch, now pain-free.

<ly-as-11609500>Stainless steel</ly-as-11609500>
<ly-as-11609424>The movement</ly-as-11609424>
The movement

Swiss ETA movement

This movement is synonymous with reliability and consistency. Known across the industry for its superior performance and quality. Swiss ETA movement is found in top luxury watches around the world.

<ly-as-11609500>Stainless steel</ly-as-11609500>

The hive on the watch dial

The eye-catching 3D embossed beehive dial and bright luminous markers create a distinguished, contemporary design. The perfect fusion of style and durability.

<ly-as-11609501>2 year warranty</ly-as-11609501>


Our watches are built to last. We're confident in the quality of our products and want you to be as confident when making a purchase. For this reason we offer a COMPLETE and full 2 year warranty on all watches. We will repair or replace a faulty part/watch for free for the entire period of warranty.

Very limited quantities




  • Case material Stainless Steel
  • Water resistant 20ATM (200m)
  • Bezel & Crown Stainless Steel
  • Glass Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides


  • Movement ETA Movement; Digital Multifunction
  • Accuracy -0.4/ +0.6 sec/day
  • Operating temperature 50C
  • Function Hours, minutes, seconds and date


  • Strap material Stainless Steel
  • Length 268 MM
  • Width 28 MM
<ly-as-11609455>Other features</ly-as-11609455>

Other features

  • Diameter 46 mm
  • Thickness 18 MM
  • Weight 404.3 grams/14.26 oz.
<ly-as-11609462>Iconic lugs</ly-as-11609462> Iconic lugs

Our custom cut lugs feature identical signature engravings, highlighting strong character with distinctive elegance.

<ly-as-11609464>MOVEMENT</ly-as-11609464> MOVEMENT

Powered by Swiss Movement, we’ve calibrated a timepiece as precise as it is beautiful.

<ly-as-11609466>BEZEL</ly-as-11609466> BEZEL

A fluted solid stainless steel bezel, gold plated and raised subdials combines classical attention to detail with contemporary lines.

<ly-as-11609468>CASE ENGRAVING</ly-as-11609468> CASE ENGRAVING

A flawless solid stainless steel case is accented with exquisite CEO engraving detailing craftsmanship and specifications.

<ly-as-11609470>CROWN</ly-as-11609470> CROWN

Each and every solid stainless steel crown is secured by our iconic latch with signature logo engraving.

<ly-as-11609472>Band</ly-as-11609472> Band

A double-link solid stainless steel design strikes the perfect balance between superior performance and fit with a tapered 2.8 CM width.