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Strength Will Overcome Limitations Everytime

That's what we believe our SWOLE watches to be.

The belief that strength will overcome any kind of obstacles we will encounter in our lives. We want a watch that not only can tell time or survive harsh physical environments; we want a watch that symbolizes the strength that we already have in ourselves. The strength to be a better person than who we were before. That is what a SWOLE O‘clock watch represents, a reminder to ourselves that limitations are there to be broken, to be overcome, by our own inner strength. Remember, Strength Will Overcome Limitations Everytime. Built by the two giants in the engineering world, the Germans (known for their precision, dedication, punctuality and obsession with quality) and the Japanese (known for their advances in technology that changed the world), SWOLE O‘clock watches successfully captured the essence of the human's strength.


At SWOLE O’Clock, we strongly believe in the power of strength and toughness of the human mind and body. We want our watches to have the same qualities too. Employing A-Grade German and Japanese craftsmen to build our watches, our SWOLE O’Clock watches are TOUGH.

Our watches are made with the latest sophisticated techniques like high-frequency welding and modern PVD plating technology, using top quality water and shock resistant Japanese 204 stainless steel and top-grade German glass that can survive harsh environmental pressures.

Assembled only by extremely skilled hands, SWOLE O’Clock watches truly fits our symbol of strength that will overcome any kind of limitations... everytime.

Become our champion

Become our champion

More than 5000 people have embodied their strength and toughness with a SWOLE O‘clock watch... and we want you to join us. We want you to join our movement to tell the world that we all have the strength inside of us to tackle any challenges in life... To tell the world that limitations are stopping us from becoming our best.

Strength Will Overcome Limitations Everytime.

Get your SWOLE O‘clock watch today, and show the world your strength.