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SWOLE O’clock watches embodies the best of Swiss and German engineering. The result is a timepiece that represents strength, toughness and precision. So you’re on time, every time.


Powered by Swiss Movement, we’ve calibrated a timepiece as precise as it is durable. The top quality 304 stainless steel shell is water and shock resistant – ready to take punishment. Available on V4 versions.

Sapphire Crystal
Anti-Reflective Glass

Protected by one of the strongest substances on earth, this timepiece knows no equal. Almost as hard as diamond, Sapphire is the most reliable scratch-proof glass. Available on all V3 and V4 versions.

Water Resistance

Engineered for superior performance under pressure, wherever you go. All our timepieces are suitable for varying levels of water activity. To learn more about your favorite, check the unqiue specifications table located on each product page.

Sophisticated Techniques

With A-grade workmanship and advanced techniques like high-frequency welding and PVD plating technology, you’ll wear our SWOLE O’clock watch with confidence. This powerhouse will work as hard as you do.

Precision and Quality Checks

Hand Assembly

We hand assemble each and every watch with care and precision.

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